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The education in Bulgaria

   Education is one of the most significant aspects in people’s life. It is useful for us not only to learn new things, but also to develop our way of thinking. Although the education is of considerable importance for people, its quality is decreasing in the past few years in Bulgaria.
    The sad truth is that the problem with the educational system is really severe. Not only the secondary schools suffer from this, but also the universities. It is a frequent occurrence for the classes to be based on theoretical parts only, which automatically makes the lecture boring for the students, and they prefer to skip it. There are not enough practical units where students can apply the new knowledge which they get. The practice is not only important for the students’ development, but also an interesting part of the lecture. It is a way to capture students’ attention and teach them what they should do in a real life situation.
   The other pitiful fact about Bulgarian education is that it became really diluted the past few years. The teachers are not as dedicated to their job as they used to be and this fact has a detrimental impact on the quality of the education. They are not strict and rigorous enough to persuade the students that the education is really necessary for their realization later in life.
    On the other hand, the students are lazy and non persistent and they do not pay enough attention to their studies. Most of them are reluctant to gain new knowledge and they often skip classes. From my point of view, they are not reasonable enough and the worst fact is that nobody helps them to realize that the education is significant for their development and they have to strive to excel it.
  Nowadays students can skip classes without being punished after that. The institutions do not take it seriously and they do not oblige students to be regular. I am a firm believer that this thing should be altered and the students have to be motivated to attend lectures. 
   Statistics from the National Statistical Institute  of Bulgaria depict that for 2015/2016 year, the number of students ceased studying is 21 170 from total 741 235. The reasons for those students’ decision are reluctance, family reasons or leaving the country.  The people who have quitted their education untimely for 2012 are 12,5 % and for 2015- 13,4%. 
     I am firmly convinced that the increasing number of students, who are unwilling to continue their education is a serious problem for the country and the government should take measures to motivate them. One way to stimulate the students is to improve the quality of the education and the other one is to decrease the expenses for studying, because the financial problems are also reasons for some of the youngsters to reject studying. There is a multitude of ways to make Bulgarian education a better one.
   From my point of view, we should definitely pay attention to the education, because via it we get new knowledge and expand our horizons. We only can benefit from it as it is a way to develop ourselves and climb up the career ladder. I also think that the government should exert itself to decrease the number of illiterate people and increase the number of knowledgeable ones. 

Trayana Rosenova Tinkova


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